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Our Flies

Mouches Devaux France has been one of the most prestigious fly tying company in France for over 60 years. For the first 40 years of its existence, the company manufactured only dry flies. Now,we manufacture also qulity nymphs, streamers, salt water flies, soft hackle wet


CDC (Cul De Canard) Duck Feathers

The CDC feathers or duck rump feather or Cul de Canard , have been introduced in the fly tying less than 80 years ago. Vibrant,lively,with high flotability caracthristics,they brought a lot to the dry fly fishing,replacing sometimes the cock hackle,mixing with it as well.


Amadou Fly Dryer

the most efficient product used to dry the CDC flies.

(We never try to enhance the flotability of a CDC fly by adding any chemical “flottant”.)




A range of hooks made in Japan by the most prestigious manufacturers,including some exclusive designs.